SoCal is preparing for rain

Parts of Los Angeles and Orange County look ahead to big rainfall

AccuWeather Forrcast (ABC7 news)

This week in Southern California calls for rain and lots of it. The forecast showing almost an inch of rain, it looks to be one of the most severe winter storms to hit this region since May. Flash flood warnings have been put in effect as well. 

Some light rain was already falling Tuesday afternoon in parts of Orange County,” reports. “The heavier rain is expected to hit by Wednesday morning.”

With this being some of the first real rainfall coming since the start of fire season, some much needed natural relief is on the way. With that comes the dangers of mudslides, rockslides and unsafe driving conditions.

Orange County is part of the flash flood warning zone, The bulk of the storm approaching early with “significant rainfall is expected to hit the area by around 3 a.m. Wednesday and flooding and debris flows are possible.”

Other areas on the lookout for this blast include Inland Empire, San Gabriel Valley and winter advisories for Big Bear.

“If you go back historically we’ve had a lot of standing water back at the homes,” said Chris Pierce, a member of the Seal Beach Marine Safety Department. “That’s usually the result of high surf, rain event, and high tides combined. When those three things come together we have seen a lot of standing water that has come back to the homes. In recent years though, we’ve been pretty on it to make sure that doesn’t happen.”

This weather is expected to continue until Thursday.