Size matters

If you’re too big, you may be out of luck.

Saddleback College has a zoo in the form of a parking lot.

Every student and staff member at Saddleback is aware that parking is a zoo without keepers. What makes the Saddleback zoo even more chaotic is the size of spots that make parking feel like wearing a straitjacket. Sometimes, it even puts you in one.

According to California standards, the minimum size for a parking spot is nine feet wide and 18 feet long. A decent-sized spot that fits any regular-sized vehicle. Driving through the crowded Saddleback crowd, you will realize a large number of the spots do not hit that mark.

At least 15 spots in lot 5A are less than nine feet wide and around 14 feet long which causes problems for owners of cars bigger than midsize (6.5 feet by 15 feet). If you drive an SUV or a truck or a 1959 Buick Invicta, make getting ahead of the crowd a habit or you will be banging doors and sticking out in the lanes.

Although these parking spots are not up with California standards, they do not need to be adjusted due to Saddleback campus being private property. As long as they supply reasonable parking areas, they are not breaking any laws or rules.

To add the chaos of parking, Saddleback College is currently under construction of their new football stadium which is set to be completed by the spring of 2020.

If you do own a large vehicle and do not enjoy the close-quarter parking zoo, lot four, five, seven, nine, 10, 10A and 12 have large spots close to the center of campus. They fill up quickly and early but are far better than the rest of the lots on campus.