SEMA show

Rebel Offroad got VIP parking in McCarran Vegas Airport for the annual SEMA show

Rebel Off Road Gladiator truck. Photo: Delani Taft/ Lariat

The annual Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show took place this weekend November 3-6th in Las Vegas, Nevada, at the Las Vegas Convention Center. This show is an automotive showing of products and gear sponsored by name-brand vendors. Over 2,500 exhibitors were in attendance this weekend, and hundreds of car builds made their debut. People came from all over like local Rebel Off-Road and their Command Gladiator truck. The team even had a Jeep JK parked in the McCarran Vegas airport to advertise the show.

The talk of the show seemed to be the Quintin Bros Auto Performance shop with their #stolenChallenger. After traveling from Vermont, the shop had their 2019 Dodge Challenger stolen, along with the trailer it was in days before the show. The car was tracked down, and after a 14 car police chase and ended with the thief T-boning a police car and the driver taking off on foot.

The police department was kind enough to release the car from evidence to attend the show, still covered in caution tape. During day two, the Challenger was voted #1 best car in show by FOX sports and was featured on Motortrend TV on day 3. “We are super happy to have made something good out of a really bad situation. The car still made it to SEMA and got a ton on attention because of the story. Super crazy two weeks!” said the Quintin Bro’s on their Instagram this weekend.

This show takes place every year and allows vendors and shops to show off their vehicle builds and products.The SEMA show is normally huge, lifted, shiny chrome trucks. “SEMA trucks” have a stereotypical look, tall lift, thin tires, wide chrome rims, body armor, and never been exposed to real-truck conditions. Lots of other builds showed up for this event too. Lots of Jeeps, new Toyota Supras, Lamborginis, and classic 60’s/70’s muscle cars rolled in to compete in the Top 12 category.

There was also a large showing of classic cars like Challengers, Chargers, etc. Car enthusiasts of all types look forward to this annual show, and people come from all over the US to show off their most recent builds.

“I enjoy coming to the show every year, luckily I live semi-close. Some of these guys come from all over the world. I think it’s pretty neat to see all these crazy builds come to my own backyard. You can always tell SEMA is coming to town by all the trucks and trailers rolling in the week before,” said spectator Bryon Gilmore.

If you’re interested in any type of car, SEMA is the place for you. Parts, gear, seats, radios, exhaust, turbos, NOS, and wheels are only about a 45 minute flight from SoCal according to This show takes place in the same place every year, so get planning!