Sciences Building opening delayed until early 2016

Due to construction delays, the opening of the Sciences Building will be delayed. (Jonathan Anson)

Due to construction delays, the opening of the Sciences Building will be delayed. (Jonathan Anson)

Development on the new Sciences Building will continue throughout 2015 due to unforeseen delays. As a result of the deadline for the building’s opening has been moved from about December 2015 to January 30, 2016.

Jim Rogers, assistant director of Facilities for Capital Outlay, reported the delays come as a result of multiple unforeseeable circumstances encountered by C.W. Driver, the contracting company hired to construct the new building.

“Due to weather delays and the difficulty in locating underground utilities, the contractor is approximately 60 days behind schedule,” said Rogers. “The team is currently working on a recovery schedule in order to determine how much, if any, of the delay can be mitigated.”

Rogers and his facilities team have provided expertise related to college facility and building standards. Rogers said these are the only major delays of note. Construction has continued without any other issues, which will affect the building’s completion.

“The building construction is proceeding at a fast pace and we are working diligently to minimize the impact to the campus and academic calendar,” Rogers said.

Dean of Mathematics, Science & Engineering Christopher McDonald repeated much of what Rogers said. McDonald stressed that while there have been problems encountered, they have been dealt with as best as poosible.

“It’s a fabulous team [the contractors] that we’re working with and they’re very receptive,” said McDonald. “When we bring potential problems forward, they’re addressed quickly [and] efficiently. If they bring potential problems forward… we try to take care of it right away to keep the project on schedule.”

McDonald said primary science classes will be relocated to the new building, with the exception of computer science and mathematics courses.

“The facility being built right now is for the sciences so mathematics and computer science will remain in this current building,” McDonald said.

Until the division moves in the new building, McDonald said there is definitive plans for the current building.

“It’s a little bit down the road,” McDonald said. “A few things have to happen but we’re not sure exactly sure what will happen with the current facility.”

The current facilities plan report by the South Orange County Community College District, the budget for building currently remains at approximately $67,358 million. Spending for the building, as of this report, remains under this budget. Rogers said that this high cost will be worth it.

“The new Sciences Building is a state-of-the art facility that will provide a superb teaching and learning environment for our students,” Rogers said. “It will rival facilities seen on UC and CSU campuses.”