Science, Money, Meth, do these relate?

Walter White and Jesse Pinkman starting their chemistry experiments

Walter White and Jesse Pinkman start their chemistry experiments in the show “Breaking Bad.” (Wikicommons Media)

Have shows like Breaking Bad or The Big Bang Theory, MythBusters and all other shows alike made science popular? The answer is yes, actually, said Dr. Scott Fier, chair of the chemistry department at Saddleback College. Dr. Fier said that he has personally noticed an increase in students in his classes and their interests due to shows like these.

He stated “Yes it has helped students become more interested in chemistry in a non-cooking meth kind of way.”

For Saddleback student Steve Coy, 20, “After watching Breaking Bad I started to really get into science.” Chemistry then became really interesting for him after watching that show but decided to enroll into Intro To Bio. For Steve knowing about the way other people live along with how animals live and survive he knew that Bio 20 would be perfect for him. Steve’s best source for getting the information is through the internet and sites like YouTube. That has been his way to connect and learn about what goes on around the world.

There has also been an increase in more women versus men. Studies have shown that since the 1980s there have been more women joining the science field from about 50 percent.

Dr. Fier was able to confirm that because of shows like these it has been able to explain to people what biology, chemistry, mechanics, computers and every other science department can really do. “These shows were then able to draw in peoples attention by showing us on TV how exciting these experiments actually are,” He said.  It has then helped people open their minds and understand exactly what the scientists are doing, how it works and comes together.

Dr. Fier started his career 25 years ago and has enjoyed every minute of it since. When asked how he got into science he said that he started at a very young age by receiving books, then fell in love with the subject!

After talking with him and then being able to actually understand how science works and where the ideas come from, he helped me understand that if you can get a degree in science it can take you just about anywhere you want to go.

You can become an engineer with a science degree, know more about business, cars, computers, people, writing, to even law, everything you hoped for can be accomplished through science.

So for those of you who are unsure about what you want to major in, consider just a simple degree in any science major.

Not only do they have so multiple scholarships like the STEM program and Bridge to Engineering, that one simple degree can take you into the medicine field were you can become the person who cures aids or cancer.

Thanks to science we were able to build machines like MRIs to detect cancer. Think about how you can become that person. Science alone can give you that chance.

“Thanks to science we can make that happen,” Fier said.