San Clemente participated in ‘March for Our Lives’ Protests

  • Adults supporting the high school students. (Andrea Clement/Lariat)
    Adults supporting the high school students. (Andrea Clement/Lariat)

Students unite in emotional rally

Protesters rallied in a San Clemente march on Saturday, March 24 for reformed gun control laws. Hundreds of people of all ages marched up and down Avenida Del Mar in the city’s center holding handmade signs and speaking in unison against gun violence.

The crowds displayed both anger and tears in response to the 17 people killed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, as well as other schools across the nation. The violence from semi-automatic and assault weapons has resulted in 17 school shootings this year, according to a survey conducted by CNN.

Students from San Clemente High School and a representative from Marjory Douglas spoke at the rallying point outside of the San Clemente library. The rally was also filled with clipboard-toting staffers offering to register persons of voting age.

The chanting continued after the speeches while the microphone was passed around to further engage the crowd. Every time cars honked their horn repeatedly as they passed the marchers to signify their support and the crowds showed louder bursts of energy.

The students stated that it is now their turn to change the system since the adults have failed them. Many of the student signs echoed this sentiment in saying that “It could have been us” or “I should not be afraid to go to school.”

Nationwide protests in the “March for Our Lives” protest were held in large and small cities alike with the shared goal of enacting stricter gun laws. Many marchers were critical of both government officials and the NRA. , displayed through Instagram hashtag #ThrowThemOut. It remains to be seen if this is the beginning of substantial change in the laws affecting gun control.

Featured photograph from mathiaswasik on Flickr