Saddleback’s WALL publication set to showcase

The 2014 edition of the WALL has been released on campus. (Cover Design/Anibal Santos, Photograph/ Jim Langford, Lhoycel Marie Teope)

A public reading and discussion of the pieces featured in Saddleback College’s 2014 edition of WALL is scheduled to take place Thursday, Oct. 16, in Room 145 of the Health Sciences and Human Services Building.

The newest edition of WALL, Saddleback’s award winning student produced literary journal, features literature and artwork submitted by students last spring. Eighteen  pieces from the publication’s four categories, personal narratives, short stories, poetry, and art and illustration, are slated to be presented. “Students from Larry Radden’s speech class will do an oral interpretation of some of the works,” said WALL Faculty Advisor Gina Shaffer, “while others will be presented by the contributors themselves.”

“The reading is a chance for students to see the immense talent on campus,” Shaffer said. “WALL offers intense personal stories, shared lessons and experiences that other people can learn from and relate to. It’s a celebration of the human tragedy and the human condition.”

WALL’s 2014 edition was recently released on campus and can be found in the Business and General Sciences Building near the elevator, the Student Services Center near the entrance to the cafeteria, across from the art gallery in the Fine Arts Complex, and near the third-floor circulation desk in the Learning Resources Center. Copies will also be available at the public reading.

A digital version of the journal can be accessed at

For students interested in contributing the the 2015 WALL, submission deadlines are February 10, 2015. Members of the WALL staff, students enrolled in the spring course English 160, also have the opportunity to get a personal piece published.

Following is a list of the students who are scheduled to participate in the Oct. 16 public reading, as of September 12, 2014.


Laura Bouzari, “Vise”

Ann Coffee, “Run Like Hell”

Mary-Rose T. Hoang, “The Escape”

Sterling Arthur Leva, “Clowns”

Elizabeth Ortiz, “The Gathering Place”



Rachel Dellefield, “Cerveza”

Natalie Hirt, “The Blue Danube”

Ryan Vann, “The Potterville Hole”



Sheryl Aronson, “A Jazz Heart”

Andrew T. Chaffee, Jr., “Truth”

Anibal Santos, “Potential Vessel”

Fatemeh Ayoughi, “The Children from the Deep”



Bernard Echanow, “The Invisible Chairman” (charcoal sketch)

Corinne Gronnel, illustration for “The Potterville Hole”

Iman Moujtahed, “Escape” (photograph)

Christopher Reza, “Balconies” (photograph)

Anibal Santos, cover design

Lhoycel Marie Teope, “The Writer” and “Heavy Rope” (digital image on the cover and photograph)