Saddleback’s Handshake program to connect students and employers

(Photo Credit: Handshake website)

Saddleback College has teamed up with the Handshake program to connect students and prospective employers. 


Handshake is a campus-wide career management program where students can find help getting jobs during or after completion of their degree. Students will be able to receive updates on job fairs, programs and career events. 


The program will be overseen by Eric Hilden, the career placement officer at Saddleback College. 


“We’re really excited to be a part of the Handshake community at this point,” Hilden said. “Transitioning over to handshake is one of the best things for our campus, recruiters and local employers.” 


The goal of the new program is to “democratize opportunities” for students. This means giving students the information they need when looking for opportunities in their network. Also, it gives the credentials to show what students have to offer other than just their degree or major. 



Saddleback is just one of the many campuses that utilize Handshake. Irvine Valley College students can look forward to the Handshake program as it will be coming soon to their campus. 


Handshake allows students to find jobs related to their major. The faculty works with students to set goals and find the perfect match. Those with little work experience can still use the program as it has tools to build your resume. 


“The more that you explore events and opportunities with Handshake, the more the system will learn what you want,” Hilden said. “The program will study your interests, just like any system it has an algorithm that will fit your experience.” 


For those with an IVC email, you can still sign-up for the program through the IVC website or contact Hilden on how to get started. 


To sign-up, students can visit and use the single sign-on to activate their account. Anyone with a Saddleback email has access to the program. For further questions, contact Eric Hilden.