Saddleback women’s golf looks forward to state tournament after making school history

(Photo Credit: Bob Bosanko)

After winning the first regional championship in school history, the Saddleback women’s golf team looks to continue their success at the state tournament. 


The team was able to defeat competing schools with an impressive 32 stroke lead last Monday at the regional tournament. Women’s golf has won the state tournament once back in 2003, however, they got second in the regional that year. 


Starting Sunday, Nov. 14, the team will be looking to regain the state title at Cypress Ridge course in San Luis Obispo. 


Freshman golfer Amber Davalos helped the team by shooting a 79-73 on the par 73 course for a combined final score of 152. Her score was low enough to win a medal as fourth place in the individual scores.  As one of the top golfers on the team, Davalos was able to speak on how she prepares for bigger tournaments. 


“I personally evaluate my weakness and what mindset I should take on the course,” Davalos said.  “Practicing my weakness helps and also maintaining a positive and competitive attitude is what has helped with my success.”


Following Davalos, fellow freshman golfer Nicole Whipple contributed to the landslide victory by shooting a combined 157. She gave her take on the success the team has found this year on this historic run. 


“I would say that the overall success of the team is due to the amazing coaching from Coach Bosanko and Coach Adams. Their leadership has really made a huge impact on the team in terms of work ethic and respect,” Whipple said. “Also, the team’s chemistry and cohesiveness have really helped us in our success with the knowledge that someone always has your back and can pick you up when you fall.” 


The chemistry of the team was a common topic when discussing what led to the run the women golfers have achieved. Head coach Bob Bosanko was able to speak on the team’s chemistry. 


“We have seven girls and only six play any given tournament, it has yet to be a problem,” Bosanko said. “As a young all-freshman team, they all root for each other and get along great.” 


As any golfer knows, preparing for big tournaments means taking off added pressures and treating it like any other day on the course. 


“It’s no different than any other week, it’s just another golf tournament,” Bosanko said. “You actually try to underplay it, you don’t want any added pressure on the players.”


Whipple also gave insight as to what it takes to keep a calm composure before big tournaments. 


Personally, I value rest and practice when preparing for a tournament like this one,” Whipple said. “Staying tranquil and focused is key to not getting too overwhelmed when trying to get ready for an important tournament.” 


If Saddleback is able to repeat the scores they put up last weekend they will have a great chance at winning the state tournament. The competition will be tougher but with a young, tight-knit core like they have now, anything is possible.