Saddleback to implement priority registration

Starting fall 2014, Saddleback College will implement the state mandated Student Success Initiative that will require students to follow a preparation plan to be included in the priority registration lists.

The initiative, adopted by the California Legislature in January 2013 and proposed to community colleges, was approved by the California Community Colleges Board of Governors.

Students need to have a declared goal working toward transferring to a four-year university or to achieve enough units for an associate degree or certificate.

Joe Razo, a 18-year-old undecided, said that is not fair this priority registration list, because there are people that are not sure about their future, so they come to college to takes classes to cement a goal.

“It is not fair, I’m undecided, I have a good GPA. I think college should not force us to go

MAP poster. Reminds students to have their classes all planned out. "Failure to have one, can delay your registration," reads at the end. (photo/Marivel Guzman)

MAP poster. Reminds students to have their classes all planned out.
“Failure to have one, can delay your registration,” reads at the end. (photo/Marivel Guzman)

through all those requirements, it is not fair,” Razo said.

Veterans, athletes and low income students have special benefits and qualify for priority registration, the rest of the students need to complete a thorough process including visiting a counselor to help them map their curriculum.

Harley French, a 19-year-old sociology major and football player, does not have to worry for priority registration list, he has automatic priority registration, he said.

Being an athlete has its benefits, but also, we have more responsibilities than a regular students, he said.

“We are students first, we need a good GPA, skills and talent to be considered athlete,” French said.

Typically coaches encourage us to have higher GPA. Sports requires full time, depending on our commitment level to spots, he said.

For Walter O Wyman, a 48-year-old, English lit, and army veteran,  said to be surprised when he came back and found out that he has special benefits, like priority registration, and board of governors waver fee.

He earned his master degree in Bible studies, but his degree not recognized at Saddleback College. He wants to write and learn new skills to teach, so he has to enroll all over again, and it’s nice that he has priority registration, he said.

His work as a drugs and alcohol counselor and full time father, leaves him little time extra, so this priority status to enroll is very handy, Wyman said.