Saddleback Nursing Alumni Association dinner

(Melissa Conser/Lariat Staff)

Melissa Conser

The Saddleback Nursing Alumni Association was back in session last Friday night, and in search of new officers and committee chairpersons after a lengthy hiatus. 

The meeting was held at the Arroyo Golf Club, where alumni and faculty from the nursing program were reacquainted, sat down for dinner, talked of official Association business and ended the dinner with a raffle. Prizes included- nursing store gift cards, bottles of wine and donated jewelry.

The event was catered with a dinner fee of $25 a head which included- a raffle ticket and a three-course meal with an open bar. The Nursing program picked up the rest of the tab.
Dixie Bullock, former Dean of Nursing, elaborated on the broad field of nursing ranging from legal nurse consultants to military nurses.  Bullock was sure to cover every possible position a nurse could hold in order to show the variety the field has to offer.

Guest Speaker Kevin Stephen outlined goals the Association hopes to accomplish in the future, among these goals- scholarships for nursing students and funding for the nursing program.

Saddleback’s nursing program recently received a $1.5 million grant, which was used to construct a Medical Laboratory Technician program, the program includes dummies, which “really burp [among other things]” one, unidentified alumnus said. 

Tours of the new lab were given to alumni after the raffle.  Alumni were pleasantly surprised to see that the nursing program was no longer run out of the portables in the Village, there seemed to be a general consensus that the new Health Sciences and Social Services building along with the new technology bought with the grant were much more conducive to learning the nursing trade.

If you are or know an alumnus from the nursing program and would like to become involved in the Association, contact nursing faculty member Susan Nawa, [email protected]