Saddleback Kinesiology Department Offers New A.A.-T Degree in 2013

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Cathy Lee Taylor

Jan Duquette, Division Chairperson of the Saddleback Kinesiology Department, has reported several departmental updates including:

A new Associate in Arts-Transfer (AA-T) degree will be offered at Saddleback beginning in 2013.  Full program details can be obtained by contacting Jan Duquette at  [email protected]

In other Kinesiology news, starting in the Fall of 2013, there will be no more repeats of any classes except with a failed grade.

Also being offered for intermediate skill-level classes in several areas are:
-Fitness (Yoga and Pilates)
-Combative Skills (Aikido, Karate, and Self Defense)
-Team Sports (Beach Volleyball)
-Dance (Latin, Social, and Dance Production)
-Athletic Training (Fall and Spring Sports)

New classes for the fall of 2013 that will be offered after curriculum approval include: Cross Training and Rock Climbing.

An eight-week class has been added for the Spring session that will offer the following studies:
-KNES 107- Fitness Assessment (eight-week GE requirement)
-KNES68 – Walking for Fitness (evenings)
-KNES69 – Trail Hiking (Tuesday and Thursday 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
-Aquatics and Team Sports classes

The Saddleback College Kinesiology Department is separated into four core departments:

DANCE – Offers AA degree with several technique classes at all levels; Introduction, Level 1, and Intermediate. 

HEALTH – Health 1 – Contemporary Health Issues, Health 2 – Responding to Emergencies (CPR), and Health 3 – Women’s Health Issues.

KINESIOLOGY – AA Degree is subdivided into six specific areas: Aquatics, Combative Skills, Fitness, Individual Sports, Team Sports, Training and Theory.

Combative Skills
Individual Sports
Team Sports
Training and Theory

RECREATION – Three primary classes are offered for students pursuing a career in Outdoor Recreation or Management. 


Visit the Kinesiology website at

The Sports medicine website is located at or call (949) 582-4638

Jan Duquette, Division Chairperson, (949) 582-4744 [email protected]