Saddleback instructor of 23 years dies from cancer

Joe Tinervia (Saddleback Website)

Kylie Corbett

Joe Tinervia, a Saddleback College associate instructor of 23 years, died Nov. 18 from pancreatic cancer.

Tinervia taught business and economic courses, and was also involved in the Workforce Development, an on-campus committee that helps to prepare students for the real world.

Other colleagues also knew Tinervia through the college’s accreditation team, where he served as editor. Tinervia also spent many years of his life working in the publishing industry.

In a recent press release, the college’s president, Tod Burnett recognized Tinervia as “an incredible human being—warm, friendly, and caring, with a wonderful sense of humor.”

Tinervia dedicated his time to answering student’s questions, Burnett said.

“He cared immensely about his students, colleagues, and friends, and it showed,” Burnett said. Indeed, Joe—described often as a role model, hardworking colleague, and friend—will be greatly missed by all who were lucky to know him.”