Saddleback fights drug and alcohol abuse

Red Ribbon Week came to Saddleback College today in the main Quad. The fair featured various programs such as Narcotic Anonymous, Alcoholic Anonymous, and The Teen Bridge Program, which offers Mental Health aid.
The goal of Red Ribbon Week is to offer aid to addiction sufferers and families. Attending will give students opportunities to sign up and obtain informational pamphlets on the spot.

There was an active group of people signing up to the programs with candy being offered as an incentive. Pete DeLuca, a volunteer representative for Narcotics Anonymous was giving out information to students.

“I enjoy coming out to community colleges and seeing the dynamics of students and which program they approach the most,” DeLuca said.

Saddleback student Daisy Bautista, a 21-year-old undecided major, was unclear if the Narcotic and Alcoholic Anonymous program varied from each other. Pete DeLuca clarified.

“Yes they are different in the sense that one program may be trying to raise awareness to one certain aspect of abuse,” DeLuca said. “But at the same time the anonymous program’s help everyone from drug abuse to alcoholic problems. Everyone is welcome it is just best to go to a program which is fully engaged in one certain problem.”

The Bridge Teen Program came to Saddleback College to raise awareness and encourage college students to sign up or even pass down information to younger siblings. This program was one of the diverse programs that offered not only drug abuse aid, but also provides a mental health program with psychologist, psychiatrist and family therapist as part of its staff.

Program Administrator Scott Kalland said, “At The Bridge Program, a practical and effective out-patient program is implemented to lead adolescents to success. It is a well-rounded comprehensive program that will help with getting back on track physically, emotionally, and academically.”

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