Saddleback College reveals 2017 economic report

Anthony Teng, dean of Advanced Technology and Applied Sciences, speaks at the SOCCD luncheon. (Stephanie Reyna/Contributor)

Anthony Teng, dean of Advanced Technology and Applied Sciences, speaks at the SOCCD luncheon. (Stephanie Reyna/Contributor)

Saddleback College revealed its 2017 economic report at the South Orange County Community College District luncheon last month.

The report generated provides data to and information relevant to the economy of South Orange County, the report states that 2016 proved to be a challenge for many Americans due to the election, and the economy. A summary of the key findings highlights the strengths and weakness within the South Orange County region. 

Strengths within the region are the consistent growth of Gross Regional Product, regional job increase, wage increase, new construction of affordable housing, technology and research and development focused business growth and increased consumer spending.   

Weakness within the region are affordable housing, mid-career gaps due to an aging work force, transportation infrastructure cannot support economic growth, effect of international economic trade fluctuations and the volatility of the domestic and international financial markets.

Saddleback College has several programs in place to combat the weaknesses found in the report. The OC Pathways program connects educators and industry leaders to equip students for college and career success, and is detailed in the report.

“The college is really dedicated to the promotion of programs the promotion of programs that will help all our students develop their skills,” said Anthony Teng, Dean of Advanced Technology and Applied Science.

Other programs include the Cooperative Work Experience Program, which helps students achieve their educational and career goals through for-credit internships, as well as the Teacher Pipeline, which helps students transition between their program of study and the workplace by exposing them earlier in the process to classroom teaching.

With regards to housing, Saddleback College does not have any programs in place now that assist non-international students.

“We don’t have a general program that assists students with housing in the South OC. Our International Student center has resources for the international students and our Health Center provides emergency housing/hotel for students facing homelessness or domestic abuse,” said Stephanie Reyna, Acting director of Marketing and Communications.

Transportation Infrastructure is another area of weakness, Saddleback College does not have a direct impact on transportation, but the college does have a relationship with the Transportation Corridor Agencies, and the Orange County Transportation Authority.

“Saddleback College is one of the many constituents that have an interest in the improved transportation system around South Orange County,” Teng said.

The report details the economic information specific to South Orange County.  This is the third edition of this report, and it summarizes the current economy and gives an overview of where the direction the economy is heading.

“The South Orange County Economic Report is one of the many ways that Saddleback College strives to support South Orange County,” said President of Saddleback College, Tod Burnett in the opening letter of the report.