Saddleback College fine arts department displays past and present artwork

Saddleback College art and photo gallery (Courtesy of Bob Rickerson)

Saddleback College art and photo gallery (Courtesy of Bob Rickerson)

Saddleback College’s faculty art and photo exhibition is on display in Fine Arts 201 and features mix-media pieces from various artists. The gallery features sculptures and paintings by numerous teachers from then and now. 

“The concept for the show is ‘Past and Present,'” said Bob Rickerson, the gallery curator, “Among the 42 artists some are current instructors and some have retired or taught here before.” 

The gallery also has work from Richard White, Tom Gaines and Wayne Horvath displayed, who were past teachers that have passed away in recent years.

Hedy Buzan, one of the present artists, started teaching at Saddleback in 1998. She got a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from UC Santa Cruz specializing in lithography printmaking. She took classes here at Saddleback College and spent 10 years working with Bill Riley in the printmaking program.

With Professor Riley’s encouragement, she went to graduate school at The George Washington University and got her Master’s degree in fine arts. She ended up back at Saddleback College and has taught numerous fine arts classes ever since.

"Renewal" (by Hedy Buzan)

“Renewal” (by Hedy Buzan)

Her piece, “Renewal,” is an abstract piece which is designed with line, shape, value, texture and color. Her inspiration behind the piece comes from Richard Diebenkorn and shows a great deal of her sensibility. 

“I submitted it because I felt the contrast of the large green field, against the yellow ochre, referencing the ending of California’s five year drought,” said Buzan.

She will be attending the Laguna Beach Sawdust Festival and Festival of Arts in the summer and her studio will be located at 3251 Laguna Canyon Rd. by appointment only. 

"Reflections" (by Angela Plunkett)

“Reflections” (by Angela Plunkett)

Angela Plunkett, another present artist, had no formal training and drew out of passion. 

“I have always loved drawing and doing artistic things but I had no formal training,” said Plunkett, “My watercolor piece titled, ‘Reflections,’ is inspired by the reflections of a tree during the fall when the leaves are turning a beautiful, vibrant yellow. I find reflections fascinating and the movement of water hypnotic.”

Professor Plunkett currently teaches Drawing 1 and Art History Survey Courses at Orange Coast College. Her piece is inspired by a small stream in Irvine. 

"Old Soybean Factory" (by Bill Agee)

“Old Soybean Factory” (by Bill Agee)

Bill Agee, a past professor at Saddleback, taught drawing and painting. His work has always been acrylic and temporary. He graduated from CSU Long Beach in 1991 and has has since published “A Complete Guide to Painting with Acylics” and has had art featured at numerous exhibits including the Wells Fargo Bank Gallery, the Joanne Artman Gallery and the Laguna Museum of Art.

Recently, Agee has been dabbling in black and white photography and captured the image “Old Soybean Factory” which was shot in East Irvine, CA. The digital image was printed on Hanemühle and shot on 35 mm Kodak HS Infared Film. 

"RW Cup" and "Carved Bottle" (by Richard White)

“RW Cup” and “Carved Bottle” (by Richard White)

Richard White, who passed away in 2015, created pieces using clay and used markings and indentations to describe his art. His two featured art pieces include the “RW Cup” and “Carved Bottle” which are both made of his signature ceramic style.   

“He was drawn to earth and fire and complemented by his love of the sea,” said Buzan, “Richard was complex enough to be simple, strong enough to be gentle, and a person you could trust.”

The exhibit runs until March 16 and is free admission. For more information on the artists featured and future art galleries at Saddleback, call 949.582.4924 or email Bob Rickerson at [email protected].