Saddleback College Crime Report October 2019

Vandalism- hole in the wall outside LRC room 116. (Credit: Lariat)

During September and October, Saddleback College has had very minimal police activity. We want to thank the Saddleback Police department for keeping our campus safe! Below is the most recent crime activity as of October 10, 2019:

Oct. 1: Seizure Authority

A car was parked in Lot 9 that misused a handicap placard. The police now have possession of the placard.

Sept. 28: Hit and Run

A hit and run involving two vehicles occurred in lot 4 off College Drive East.

Sept. 25: Trespassing

A suspect was spotted on the hillside next to College Drive West.

Sept. 19: Vandalism

A suspicious hole in the wall appeared outside LRC room 116. No further information has been provided. 

Sept. 6: Weapon 

A knife was spotted exceeding 2.5 Inches. No more information has been provided.

Sept. 5: Hit and Run

A vehicle was parked when a second vehicle collided with it. This incident occurred in Lot 10

Sept. 9: Seizure Authority

A car parked in Lot 9 misused a handicap placard. The police have suspended the placed.

If any crime is seen on campus, please report it directly to the Saddleback Police Department at (949)582-4585. The police department can be contacted off school phones at ext. #4585