Saddleback College and IVC instructors honored by college presidents

Presidents Tod Burnett and Glenn Roquemore honored selected Saddleback College and IVC instructors for awards and honors received at March’s District Board of Trustees meeting.

President Roquemore honored IVC Professor Tom Pestolesi for being named “Alumni of the Year” by the University of Hawaii’s Men’s Volleyball Team. President Tom Burnett also honored his wife, Diane Pestolesi, for being inducted into the University of Hawaii’s Sports Circle of Honor.

“Well, if one Pestolesi isn’t enough… ” President Burnett said to some chuckles, “We’ve also got Diane. We’re really working hard to promote synergy between IVC and Saddleback.”

Tom Pestolesi is currently the Men’s Volleyball Program Director, and the Head Coach of the Women’s Regular and Sand Volleyball teams at IVC. Diane Pestolesi currently teaches Nursing for final semester students at Saddleback College.

“On behalf of IVC,” President Roquemore said, “I commend you for service to IVC and our students.”

President Burnett also honored Professor Gina Shaffer for the latest production of “The Wall”, a literary magazine run by Saddleback students. “The Wall”‘s student editors were also honored by President Burnett.

“We’re thrilled and honored,” said Professor Shaffer. “Thank you so much.”

Trustee Member T.J. Prendergast also spoke highly of “The Wall”.

“I share it with my family and my faculty. It’s a great publication. Thank you.”

Professor Shaffer currently teaches English here at Saddleback College.