Saddleback Bobcats vs. Santa Ana Dons baseball game

Saddleback vs Santa Ana final scoreboard at the end of the game. Autumn Stallings| Lariat

Saddleback Bobcats return to the #1 spot after defeating Santa Ana

The Saddleback Bobcats defeated the Santa Ana Dons 12-10 on April 7, recovering from a loss to the Dons last week.


Hunter Harris, Santa Ana Dons pitcher, in position for a pitch. Autumn Stallings| Lariat

“Santa Ana is 21-5 and has played Saddleback once this year,” Santa Ana Dons pitcher Hunter Harris said. “It was a good game. It was a close game. Saddleback is first in the league right now. They’re definitely the team we’re gunning for.”

The Bobcats are leading the conference and are off to a great start with being first in the league so late in the season. The lead was temporarily threatened after losing to the Dons, but the Bobcats persevered.

“The season has been great. We’re 20-8, we had a lot of adversity, a lot of injuries, crazy things have gone on this season, but we keep at it and find a way to win,”  Saddleback College baseball coach Summer McCartney said. “The win today puts us back in first place for the conference. This is the best conference in the country for junior college. If you’re at the top of the conference, you’re doing things well.” 

In the seventh inning, Zack Schwartzberg, Saddleback College shortstop, scored a base hit which helped the team retake the score in the close game.

Art Liu, Saddleback Bobcat pitcher, giving his all in a pitch. Autumn Stallings| Lariat


“You wanna play against the best team like Santa Ana that just beat us, they’re really good. It is always good competition,” said Art Liu, Saddleback Bobcat pitcher.  “I wouldn’t want to play against a bad team. For our best hitter, we have this horn and that went to our shortstop.”

After the game Schwartzburg was awarded a horn, which the Bobcats use to recognize their most valuable player of the day. 

“The horn is for the guy who has a good day offensively,” Schwartzberg said. “I got a pretty good knock late in the game. Scored two rounds and a single in the middle of the seventh inning. You only get the horn if the team wins. I tried to play my hardest and do what I can to help the team.”

Bobcat player #40 Moonhyeon Eom up to bat. Autumn Stallings| Lariat


“The most important thing to me is making sure the team gets to win.” Schwartzberg said.

On the prospect of eventually joining the major leagues Schwartzberg remains focused on his immediate goals.

“I just want to win the conference and the state,” Schwartzberg said. “I will think about that later.”