Saddleback alumnus wins Emmy for editing

Abdou proudly displays his Emmy Award (Claire Cote)

Stephanie Silverman

Many Saddleback College students go on to find great success in whatever they choose to pursue and former Saddleback student, Marc Abdou, 24, is proof. At the 2008 Emmy Awards Abdou took home an award for his editing work on the 24-show series, “Anthropology; Evolving Humans.” 

Just two years ago, Abdou was working on projects in instructor Charles Myers’ film class here at Saddleback, an experience he now refers to as “essential building blocks” that got him where he is today. 

“Everything I’ve done from that point forward has been directly related [to his first film class at Saddleback],” Abdou said. 

Myers adds, “He really grew up a lot while he was a student of mine.” 

For such an accomplished person, Abdou is refreshingly modest. 

“I appreciate the honor of this award, it’s amazing,” said Abdou. “But, it didn’t change me. I don’t talk about it a lot, I try to stay humble.” 

According to Abdou, his studies at Saddleback were crucial to his career in film. 

“Saddleback was where I got interested in editing,” Abdou said. “I’m not sure what would have happened if I didn’t go to Saddleback.” 

His experience in film has led him to value the importance of staying true to yourself. 

“Just be yourself. It’s like in any industry. Everything you work on is a reflection of yourself. If you’re not trying to be yourself every day, it will show in your work,” Abdou said. “Looking for what’s out there already is limiting yourself. Create it yourself, make it your own.” 

His advice to those aspiring to make it in the film industry is, “Don’t get wrapped up in the Hollywood hype!” 

Abdou is currently freelance editing while maintaining his place on the dean’s list at California State University, Long Beach. His latest project is another 24-show series, similar to the Emmy-winning series, but the new topics are chemistry, anatomy and physiology.

This Saddleback alumnus studied film, gradating in 2004 (Claire Cote)