Rumor addressed: Is our water capacity being affected on campus by new buildings being added?

The recently opened Gateway building at the front entrance of campus. Maren Schwartz/Lariat

A rumor has been circulating about the amount of water we have stored for sink, toilet and fountain use and how adding two new buildings affects it. The Gateway and Advanced Technology and Applied Science buildings were added to the campus in the year.

Rumor has it that no additional water is being used with the new buildings added to the campus. This would mean that as the campus water supply is being used, more water is being used, causing us to have limited water throughout campus. 

This rumor is FALSE. 

“This is just a rumor. All the water that feeds the building comes through pipes,” said Jose Recinos, senior director of facilities, maintenance and operations. “It is all part of the water that comes directly from the water department.”

There is no set limit on the water available to the campus, so there is no chance we could run out because new buildings are being added.