Recreational marijuana use signed into law by Vermont governor

Phil Scott takes advantage of his own legislation.

Vermont Gov. Phil Scott signed legislature making recreational marijuana use legal in the state on Monday evening.

“I personally believe that what adults do behind closed doors and on private property is their choice, so long as it does not negatively impact the health and safety of others, especially children,” said Gov. Phil Scott in a statement accompanying the legislature.

Vermont is the ninth state to legalize marijuana in this recent national push for the drug’s decriminalization. It is the first state to do so via legislature instead of a ballot measure.

This is the second bill for the legalization of marijuana that the Vermont legislature has passed this year. The first was vetoed by Scott because it provided insufficient provisions against stoned driving and children’s access to the drug, which are accounted for in this new bill. Possession and growth of the drug are now permitted in limited quantities, though its commercial sale remains illegal.

Photo By Chief National Guard Bureau from USA (170309-Z-CD688-205) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons