Preparing for upcoming new club members


Circle K Club members Victoria Jib, left, Adam Lenzini, Shain Nolia and David Ibarra, help and encourage Saddleback students to sign up and join their club at Club Rush. Stephany Rivera | Lariat

Saddleback College club members speak about what their club represents and how it tries to help students

Going forward to the Fall semester, many clubs at Saddleback College took the opportunity to show up at “Club Rush,” which was held this past Tuesday and Wednesday in the main quad. Members of different clubs took the time to talk about their clubs and what it meant for other students to join.

Circle K is one of the many clubs in this event. The club has helped around their community for almost 10 years. It’s an organization which focuses on leadership and fellowship services. 

“We volunteer in food banks and beach cleanups,” said Shain Nolia, former president of Circle K club. “We also do various events like ‘Flight the Night’ which is an event where we cheer on people who survive with cancer or are going into that.”

Victoria Yib is a Circle K club member. She stated she looks forward to making new friends and helping her community. She also looks forward to having fun and volunteering in this club.

“It does help you grow in leadership and we also offer scholarships,” Yib said. “A lot of people like it since it helps with their resume in their essay of their leadership position, you can also put volunteer experience and what challenges there are.”

Members of two student developmental clubs or honor societies Phi Theta Kappa and Alpha Gamma Sigma were also present in this event. Student developmental clubs help students with their personal, academic and professional college life.

Georgia Hand co-president of Phi Theta Kappa, right, sits next to Mia Noergaard co-president of Alpha Gamma Sigma, both present in Club Rush to represent their clubs. Stephany Rivera | Lariat 

Phi Theta Kappa is an international honor society that has been around for over 100 years. This society has been around on campus for over 20 years. Georgia Hand who was there to represent this club is the co-president of Phi Theta Kappa.

“We want to go to in-person events and enable community service opportunities,” Hand said. Hand talks about how Phi Theta Kappa can help students, who are in honors programs and honor societies, so they can complete community service hours and for that reason they would be looking forward to going to in-person events and participating in community services. This can benefit students with scholarships as well.

Alpha Gamma Sigma has been around 20 years on campus but it was first initiated in 1925 in the state of California. Mia Noergaard is the co-president of Alpha Gamma Sigma. 

“In Alpha Gamma Sigma we focus a lot on community service and education opportunities,” Noergaard said. “We share with each other or make sure that everyone is being educated on some things around campus like preparation for transfer or graduation.”

This club like Phi Theta Kappa helps students with scholarships, leadership and other lessons that help students with transfer opportunities.Alpha Gamma Sigma participates in conferences and conventions that help the student learn more about education and have a great college experience.

The few clubs in this event focus mainly on student leadership and preparation. This will benefit students to grow and experience new encounters such as group conferences, volunteer work and showing how they can work and progress as a leader.