Phi Theta Kappa students host presentation on education mindsets

Daisy Bautista and Susan Cane. Photo by Lam Tran

Daisy Bautista and Susan Cane are honor students and members of Phi Theta Kappa who were the speakers for the “Mindsets in Education” presentation. (Lam Tran)

Daisy Bautista talking about mindsets in education. Photo by Lam Tran

Daisy Bautista shares information how changing one’s mindset can help a person reach educational goals. (Lam Tran)

Phi Theta Kappa presented “Commit to Completion” and “Mindsets in Education” on Thursday, April 10, to encourage students to commit to completing either a certificate or degree while in community college.

Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) is the oldest, largest and most prestigious honor society in the world with nearly 2.5 million members and 1275 chapters in nine nations.

To promote the presentation to other students, PTK had set up an information table  in the main Quad.

“We will try to let the students know about the benefits of PTK and invite them to the presentation at SSC 212 to learn more about their education goals,” said Jonathan Macias, an 18-year-old computer science major. “It’s a challenge to get the students to stop by because they just want to go to their class and leave.”

“Mindsets in Education” was presented by Daisy Bautista and Susan Cane to help students learn what their mindsets are and how to overcome them to reach high achievements in their education.

“Fixed mindsets avoid challenges and are afraid of failure while growth mindsets look at challenges as the opportunity of learning,” said Daisy Bautista, a 21-year-old history major and honor student. “Growth mindset is the right mindset to help student success in life.”

Susan Cane, a 59-year-old psychology major, continued the presentation by encouraging students to look at failures in a positive way.

“Failure is an important part of learning, you cannot learn without failures,” Cane said. “Success is going from failure to failure so don’t be afraid to fail.”

There were many students who attended the presentation to learn more about how to best achieve their educational goal. Free snacks and drinks were provided.

“Everybody has obstacles in the way to success no matter how different you are,” said Kevin O’Connor, dean of liberal arts. “Growth mindsets always look at the reality, but they always try to find the way to overcome their obstacles and that’s how they succeed.”