Perspective on gas prices in California

Filling up at the pump can be an expensive affair in California. (Capper Dunham)

Filling up at the pump can be an expensive affair in California. (Capper Dunham)

It is no secret that gas prices in Southern California are temperamental.

California State government officials do play a role, but they are not the main factor in gas price fluctuation. State government policies and taxes are more responsible for the steady high prices that Californians have come to expect.

Government Officials for the state of California are very environmentally conscious; that being said there are sacrifices to be made for the greener good.

One such sacrifice is the type and amount of oil the state purchases for our local gas supply.

California adheres to a strict regulatory process, limiting the amount of foreign oil consumption.

Foreign oil is less pure; therefore, it is more harmful to the environment.

California’s oil must also undergo a thorough inspection process before it is refined; which is one of the contributing factors in the high price of gasoline.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger¬†(R) hoped that under Assembly Bill 32 passed on September 27, 2006, he would be able to establish a long term greenhouse gas emission reduction for the state of California while hopefuls were estimating an unrealistic “12 or 13 cent price increase per gallon” according to U~T San Diego.

State taxes are a key factor, contributing to approximately 11.9% total cost per gallon where as Federal taxes are responsible for an overall increase of 4.7% total cost per gallon.

Local gas fluctuations are effected by internal conflicts such as the explosion in February at the Exxon Mobile plant in Torrance, which just so happens to contribute 20% of Southern Califonia’s oil supply.

According to; Orange County , with an average of $3.498 per gallon, has the 3rd highest average gas price in the United states below 2nd Ventura County at $3.507 per gallon and Los Angeles County 1st with an average $3.515 per gallon.