OC VIBE construction underway in Anaheim

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Branding itself as “the new heart of Orange County,” OC VIBE is an expansive entertainment district that began construction in 2023 and will continue into 2029. The new entertainment center will be located around ARTIC and the Honda Center in Anaheim. 

With the ARTIC, also known as the Anaheim regional transportation intermodal center, just steps from the Honda Center, the home of the Anaheim Ducks of the NHL, OC VIBE plans to take advantage of visitors using the trains and fans seeing both Angel’s and Duck’s games.  

“100 acres of land owned or operated by the Samueli family,” according to the OC VIBE website will be utilized for commercial, residential, and recreational spaces, with some of the most notable additions being a concert venue and a 5-acre riverfront park. 

Two new hotels, restaurants, trails, and updates to the Honda Center which is included in OC VIBE, will look to add more variety and modernization to the area while also stimulating the job market by adding around 10,000 new construction jobs and 3000 permanent jobs. 

OC VIBE also plans to be a collaborative space for business, with plans to add more than 1.1 million square feet of office space accompanied by a 325,000-square-foot office building. 

Anaheim Ducks owners, Henry and Susan Samueli spearheaded the development of OC VIBE by pledging $400 million from Honda Center revenue to help fund the project. 

Since acquiring the Anaheim Ducks from the Walt Disney Company in 2005, the Samueli’s have been a major figure in the Orange County sports scene and will look to lead a lasting impression with the development of OC VIBE. 

While OC VIBE is slated to conclude construction going into 2029, feedback is encouraged and accepted to ensure that OC VIBE will remain a welcoming and entertaining environment for the future of Anaheim.