OC Parks project proposal to destroy half north of Strands Beach

Strands Beach, Dana Point. (Mariana Lopez/Lariat)

OC Parks proposal will pave over 22,000 square feet of natural sand at Strands Beach Dana Point.

Their proposal involves the construction of a revetment protecting properties near the beach area. A revetment is a slope structure that absorbs energy from incoming water, which Strands Beach already has since 1972. 

The construction will pave over 22,000 square feet of natural sand disrupting the sand flow and eroding the natural environment. On the south end of Strands there’s another invasive development that has been causing similar issues to the area. The county would not have to pay the costs of $10 million for the new structure, but $14 million in relief fees according to The OC Register.

The California Coastal Commission had a hearing a couple days ago to discuss the project where a few members of the Surfrider Foundation attended to speak against the proposal. This proposal includes the construction of new public access walkway, structural seat/wave stairways, security fence, private access gates, drainage repair and landscaping on bluff. 

Despite the risk of landslide and the loss of very expensive homes, the California Coastal Commission denied OC Parks proposal on Feb. 13.