OC Now’s first show of Spring 2019


Over the weekend, OC Now aired their first episode of the Spring Semester. The episode aired on Cox Channel 39 and will continue to air for a while.

Starting this semester, OC Now moved into the newly renovated LRC news room—this episode being the first broadcast from it. In addition to the remodeled news room, OC Now debuted their new logo in the background during the show.

Hosted by Brandon Drey and Sabina Kelly, and staffed by video journalism students, the show covered a wide range of subjects.

For their feature first story, Jacob Bates reported on the rising issue of homelessness in San Clemente and the community response to rising levels of the indigent population.

Christian Michael reported the next story, focused on the coastal erosion facing many of the beaches in South Orange County. The report highlighted the steps cities are taking to prevent the damage, from placing boulders and sandbags along the coastline to slow the loss of sand to the replacement of lost sand with imported sand.

The final story of the show, reported by Courtney Hoshour, covered the struggle of students at Saddleback to find parking due to the limited space available on campus.

Watch the VOD of OC Now’s first broadcast above.