Not too late for students to apply for financial aid

The Financial Aid Office of Saddleback College held the “Get Your Piece of the Pie” event in the quad on Tuesday, May 6, where they handed out free pizza to students and answered questions about financial aid.

“We’re out here every semester letting students know they can get a piece of the financial aid pie,” said Javier Williams, a financial aid specialist. “We want students to understand that it’s not too late to apply for financial aid for the fall semester.”

Williams told students to check out the financial aid section of Saddleback’s website at and also instructed students to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online application to find out if they’re eligible.

“FAFSA is the financial aid application that all students need to submit in order to qualify for financial aid,” Williams said. “It allows the college to see if the student qualifies for financial aid.”

Even so, Williams encouraged students to visit a financial aid adviser regardless of what they think the status of their eligibility is.

“Students can’t know if they’re eligible for financial aid,” Williams said. “Only a financial aid specialist can determine that.”

For more information about financial aid services at Saddleback, Williams can be contacted at or

“Remember,” Williams said. “If you don’t apply, you can’t qualify.”