News helicopters fly over Saddleback College

Multiple news helicopters hovered over Saddleback College today to cover the procession of the passing of Costa Mesa Fire Captain, Mike Kerza.

“At this time there are multiple news helicopters over Saddleback College,” Tia Looney, dispatcher for Saddleback police said in a email. “There is no involvement or direct impact to the College.”

An update was sent about 20 minutes later, stating the cause of the helicopters around campus.

“Update! Message #2. The helicopters that are over the Saddleback College area are news helicopters covering the procession of the Costa Mesa Fire Captain who passed away this morning and is being transported from Mission Hospital to the coroners office in Santa Ana,” Looney said.

Mike Kerza died two days after being hit on his bicycle by a person suspicious of driving under the influence. The accident happened around 8 a.m. on Alicia Parkway Saturday morning by Stephen Taylor Scarpa, 25-year-old in possession of prescription pills. His arraignment is set to be on Tuesday, with his bail sentenced at 100,000 dollars.  

Update: Scarpa has been accused of one felony account of murder, according to Orange County Sheriff’s Department news release. The maximum sentence is 15 years to life in prison.