New signs point to a campus cafe revolution

A better quality of healthy food is available in the cafeteria. (J. Espiritu)

Joseph Espiritu

Big changes are in order for Saddleback College’s café as well as the college’s outdoor sign directories for 2009. The café will move towards a more organic menu, and brighter and bolder campus directory signs will assist campus visitors. Saddleback College students, faculty, and staff, were greeted with new signs adorned with the campus colors as they began the 2009 spring semester. According to John Ozurovich, the college’s director of facilities, new campus signage has been needed for several years, and as of February 1, 2009 that goal will be fulfilled when all the newly erected signs are in place. Complementing the college’s move towards modernization, the new signs utilize current manufacturing techniques to produce strong and lightweight materials designed to withstand the elements. “The signs use modular construction which makes for their easy removal and installation should future campus construction command for their relocation,” Ozurovich said. While the external accessorizing gave Saddleback College a completely different look, internal changes are also happening,. One such change is the cafÈ’s goal to provide a more organic menu. Vince Lu, the cafeteria manager is excited about the addition of organic products to the cafeteria’s already extensive food selection. “We will be bringing in a cooler full of organic products from Adena Beverages,” Lu said. “They have a variety of energy, coffee, and organic fruit juices, and will be priced at about $2.50. “Students and the cafe alike  will benefit from the new menu.