New plans for restaurant on Huntington pier


Huntington Beach pier, March 2, by Vin Le

A new restaurant named ‘Huntington’s’ is the front-runner in taking over the spot of Ruby’s Diner on the pier after previous owners filed bankruptcy and it closed seven years ago. A local group named Surf City Partners pitched to have a restaurant with indoor-outdoor bar seating take the place of the beloved Ruby’s Diner.

“Ruby’s is a fine proposal, but I would like to take a risk for something that is truly great,” says Councilman Dan Kalmick in an interview with the The OC Register.

Ruby’s conglomerate took a hit as Surf City Partners shut their idea of a new Ruby’s on the Huntington pier down and explained to the city council that they want to open a unique restaurant, not one that’s part of a large chain. While the future of this building is still unknown, Huntington’s seems to have a profound effect on citizens and the city council.

“It’s a very aggressive and visionary proposal – high risk, high reward” Kriss Cassanova, an economic development manager tells The OC Register.

Without pushing for a better future, citizens are worried Ruby’s may just crash and burn once again. Surf City Partners along with developers feel it’s time to create something new and something unique that tourists and locals can enjoy.