New library stands to impress

Adrianna Mendoza

As a swarm of new and old students begin roaming the school again, they will notice a significant change in the layout of the school. After two and a half years of construction, the library is officially up and running for the 2012 Fall semester.
        According to Dean O’Connor, Saddleback’s Dean of Liberal Arts, the new building is an essential component of student learning and achievement. The Dean stated, “This is really what students need for student success.”
        The original library was constructed in 1973 and had run its course by the time the school decided to renovate the building. Dean O’ Connor expressed that the faulty lighting and the technical problems within the building only made their decision to construct a new building easier. He also notes that not much had been done to the building since 1973 until now.
        Much to Dean O’ Connor’s delight, there are already a great number of students utilizing the resources the library has to offer, and it is only the second day of its opening. After two and a half years of going without a proper library, the students of Saddleback College have a sanctuary of studying.
Although Saddleback students and faculty went without the building for two and a half years, Dean O’Connor prides himself on how the college “really rose to the occasion” during the construction time.
One particularly excited Saddleback student told of her instant love for the new library. Sophomore transfer hopeful, Monse Ortiz said, “I’m going to be here every day of my life. It’s amazing.”