New image for Saddleback campus

Students climb the staircase and sit in the lobby of the new library and learning resource center (Zach Cavanagh)

Steven Jung

Saddleback College has recently remodeled the library and turned it into the new Learning Resource Center, or LRC. The school has other remodeling plans as well for the Science and Math Building.

“Construction will start within the next four to five years,” Sara Sheybani said. They intend to not only renovate the SM Building, but also build a brand new one according to Sheybani.

The building will be built over the current location of Lot 5A.

“The school will move all science and math classes to the new building while they are renovating the SM Building,” Sheybani said.

The reason it will take a few years to start construction is because of the process the whole project must go through according to Dr. Chris McDonald, the Dean of the SM Building.

“It will take six months to a year for the blueprints to be approved by the state architect,” Dr. McDonald said.

After they are approved,  the biding process between construction companies will begin, where the committee in charge of the project will pick a contract.

“Then there will be a ground breaking ceremony and then construction may begin, “Dr. McDonald said.

Dr. McDonald also said that the current progress is that the state architect has not yet approved the blueprints, which is where the current phase of the project is.