New art class will kickoff in the spring semester

Sculpture Instructor Larry Jones (left) with art instructor Cybele Rowe (right). Rowe will teach the course new ART 143 course offered in the Fine Arts Division. (Anibal Santos)

Anibal Santos

International mixed media artist Cybele Rowe will begin teaching Art Survival: From Student to Artist (ART 143) a new art class through Saddleback College’s Fine Arts Division beginning Spring 2014 inside the Sculpture room in the Fine Arts building.  

Rowe who works in bronze, clay and jewelry designed the course to help students move from the production stage of art making to prepare and develop a strong body of artwork.

Sculpture Instructor Larry Jones, elaborated on the new course’s objectives.  

“What we are trying to do is get the advance student artists to take the class and then go out and have their work shown in galleries,” said Jones. “They will develop their work portfolios, or organize their portfolios, and then they will be able to put it into a package that they can show a gallery.”

The class will be open to art students from all art mediums, but the class stresses that the student has a strong theme to tie their artwork together.

Students will develop a professional website to market and sell their work. Students will also learn how to photograph their artwork, as well as how to design their own business cards, brochure and other promotional materials.

Part of the class will be held on campus and the other part of class will be visiting galleries to meet and speak with gallery directors.

Professional artists will also come as guest speakers to the class and speak about their professional experience to the class. 

“We are going to have some practicing artists who are pretty big in what they do. They are going to come in and talk about their journey of being shot down and being picked up,” Rowe said.

Rowe will also address the emotional side of the creativity process for her students.

“We are also going to have some people come and talk to us about the emotional side of creativity, so people don’t feel so alone when their working in their studio for 12 hours a day and wondering if their nuts or not for doing something that they are not being paid a wage for,” Rowe said.   

Rowe hopes to empower her students with the knowledge she has from 30 years of exhibiting experience, but she explains that it the student’s responsibility to put in effort if they hope to become professional artists.  

“It’s really up to the students to research where they want to go. I’m not going to sit up here and tell them ‘you should go up to so and so.’ That is not what I’m here for. They’re journey is their journey, I’m just a conduit,” Rowe said. “I’m going to give them the tools, the support and the emotional understanding of themselves to have the confidence to present themselves and step in [the galleries] without arrogance, but with humility which they need to bring in.”     

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Art Survival (ART 143) will be held inside the sculpture room FA 210. (Anibal Santos)