New admission requirements discussed in nursing program information session

(Photo courtesy of Tamera Rice )

Jason Chung

A Registered Nurse Information Session was held by the Saddleback College nursing program to inform prospective students about the program’s new requirements on Monday.

The Information Session was hosted by Tammy Rice, nursing program director and assistant dean of the Health Sciences and Human Services department, from noon to 2 p.m. at the Ronald Reagan Auditorium.

She spoke about the new admission requirements for the program that were implemented this year, such as the 10-panel drug test, background check, and the Test of Essential Academic Skills test, which is paid for by the program and free of charge to prospective students.

“She also talked about what some of the BSN opportunities,” said Janet Jacob, the program’s senior administrative assistant. “So they go from an ADN program to a BSN program from here.”

In addition, she outlined the program’s structure, its curriculum, costs, as well as its demands of expectations of the students. She also discussed course prerequisite requirements and gave advice on seeing counselors to help students plan ahead.

“She really gets into detail from the beginning to end,” said Jacob. “Some of the students that attended are not quite finished with their prerequisites, so she talks to them about what’s ahead. And gives them advice on seeing counselors.”

The Information Session is held twice a semester. The next session is scheduled on Apr. 16, from 7 to 9 p.m. in the Health Sciences building, Room 145. No reservation is required.

Information about Saddleback’s nursing program is available on the Saddleback website.