Near miss for voter registrations

Sarah Black

A close call occurred when about 10 people almost weren’t registered on Tuesday in time to vote next month.

Deadline to register to vote for the Nov. 2 election was Monday, Oct. 18, but a misunderstanding occurred between the Diversity Student Council and the staff from the Orange County Registrar when DSC members were told they would be able to register people on Tuesday.

“My whole campaign was for people to vote in this election,” said Sara Ghambariani, DSC ambassador, “It would be awkward if people didn’t vote in this election.”

The next possible opportunity to vote would be the June 2011 election. Ghambarini said not as many people vote in that because propositions aren’t as riveting as those during the upcoming midterm election.

A call was made to the Orange County Registrar to try and reschedule the registration meeting, but no staff was available on deadline Monday.

Ghambariani decided then to do the registration process herself.

“I did it myself,” Ghambariani said. “I wanted them to register.”

Ghambariani sent out the registration forms in time through the mail in the Student Development room. Everyone who registered that day should be able to vote.