Murder in San Juan Capistrano

(Delani Taft/Lariat)

In the late hours of Jan. 24, many neighbors on Cedar Grove Ct. in San Juan Capistrano called 911 to report domestic disturbance in their neighbors home. Deputies arrived shortly after to find a female 45 year-old woman with multiple stab wounds.

This victim was pronounced dead at the scene. The victims alleged husband who is approximately 50 year-old, also had multiple stab wounds in an attempted murder suicide. The male was treated for his wounds and taken into police custody.

The parallel street, Lakeview Rd, was blocked off with caution tape from Village Rd. to Country Ct. leaving many neighbors in shock and disbelief.

“She was a nice lady, always kept to herself and it’s really a shame this happened here.” said neighbor Joe Garsen.

The mobile police commando post was set up in the early morning of Jan. 25 and stayed stationed there until around 10 a.m. the same day.

This investigation is still pending release of the victims name until next of kin and family have been notified.