Murder case arraignment postponed

After being charged with the murder of his parents and the attempted murder of his now-paralyzed eight-year-old brother, former Saddleback student Ashton Sachs, 19, was arrested and appeared at his arraignment on Monday.

During his short appearance, he was appointed a public defender and his arraignment was moved to April 4 at 10 a.m.

According to prosecutor Ebrahim Baytieh, the murder wasn’t “financially motivated” and no one else has been charged.

“The sad thing about this case, the absolutely sad thing about this case, is we like to go to sleep at night thinking parents will not hurt their children, and children will not hurt their parents,” Baytieh said.

The murder that took place Feb. 6 involved a gun the defendant purchased, Baytieh said although he wouldn’t give any specifics. Immediately after the murder, the defendant had returned to Seattle where he went to school.

“We will be able to prove to a jury that the defendant brutally, absolutely brutally, shot and murdered his mother, his father, shot his eight-year-old brother and shot at his sister,” he said.

Baytieh clarified that the murder was, more than likely, premeditated.

“This was not something that happened in the spur of the moment or in the heat of passion,” he said.

No specifications were given about the relationship of Sachs and his family and the family members at the first arraignment gave no comment.

“I have no indication that these were not supporting parents who cared about their children, all of their children, supported their children, all their children,” Baytieh said.