More turn to Mother’s Market for grocery fix

Options are displayed right when walking through the front door, and customers are greeted with signs marking each distinct section. (Dylan Robinson/Lariat)

Shopping for groceries is often an experience rewarding for your pantry, yet depressing for the wallet. Especially when healthier options are available, and you know you should opt for them over alternatives, it can be quite breaking on the bank.

Stores like Trader Joe’s, Sprouts, and Mother’s Market have begun to stake a claim in healthy food options on the cheap while maintaining stocks of their unique items not found at competing stores. It can be hard to decide among them, but up in the El Toro area, Mother’s Market seems always bustling with customers going in and out of their doors every minute.

On the Company History section of the Mother’s Market official website, they pride themselves in offering multiple non-GMO, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and organic products fit for any style of diet claiming “Mother’s has something for everyone.”

Mother’s Market employee, Madison Tripi, enjoys working there and agrees with the statement that the store truly has something for everyone. “There are more organic options for food along with a juice bar,” Tripi said. “The atmosphere is always nice and friendly.”

Customer Candace Holbrook managed to give a few words on why she prefers Mother’s Market over other competing stores on her way out for the night. “Supplements, for sure the supplements,” Holbrook said. “Whole Foods seems to be more expensive, and I don’t typically shop at Trader Joe’s because I can’t buy one or two of something.”

Prices are a sticking point among the healthy food crowd as certain places offer great options yet at tremendous price points. In this case, Whole Foods does not come off as a viable option to buy lots of food simply because of how much the bill will run them at the end.

One aspect of Mother’s Market that is often overlooked yet is always a talking point when brought up in the atmosphere of the store. Quite unlike other grocery stores that are similar in feel from stepping into an Albertson’s or Ralph’s, Mother’s Market seeks a different aura.

“It’s kind of a different energy, a kind of higher consciousness, and all the people in there are like-minded,” Holbrook said.

Feelings of hive-mindedness are bountiful in Mother’s Market as the aisles are lined with customers reading over the backs of products and free, freshly cut fruit is available for samples in the produce section. It’s a communal pursuit of healthier living, and the commitment to that way of life is stark in the bowels of Mother’s Market.