Missing English instructor found in South Central Los Angeles

(Photo courtesy of Sheriff’s department)

Kylie Corbett

A two-month search for missing Saddleback instructor, Amy Ahearn, 40, ended Friday when she was found alive in South Central Los Angeles by police.

Ahearn’s condition is currently unknown, but officials said she appears to have no physical injuries.

The Los Cerritos News reported that Ahearn is going through a divorce with her husband, Timothy Juntilla, a Cerritos College English Instructor. Cerritos College is in Norwalk.

LCN also reported that Ahearn was seen in Norwalk several times before she turned up in L.A.

Norwalk community member, Ana Ruvalcaba, reportedly noticed Ahearn sitting outside her home Sept. 18 at midnight. Ruvalcaba later invited Ahearn into her home for the night.

In efforts to find her sister, Margie Ahearn, set up a group on Facebook called, “Missing Person: Amy Ahearn.”

Ahearn’s family private investigator, Kathie Allen, later confirmed that Ruvalcaba had contact with Ahearn, according to a Facebook post. An attempt to reach Ruvalcaba by telephone failed.

Allen’s partner, Joe Walker, a retired homicide detective for the LAPD, also helped with the case.

“[He] went above and beyond the call of duty,” Allen said.  “He also spent countless hours of his own time looking for Professor Ahearn, including late into the evening. Joe clearly continues to be dedicated to public service and I admire his compassion to help others.”

Story to be updated more when the information becomes available.

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