Lot 5 closure creates parking problems

Due to the construction of the new Sciences Building, parking lot 5 is now a pile of dirt and students are left trying to find a parking spot. (Matt Corkill)

Parking has always been somewhat complicated here at Saddleback College.

This semester, things haven’t gotten any easier. The recent closure of lot 5 to construct the new Sciences Building has created new parking problems for the students. Lots that were formerly half full are now overflowing, and some students have had to change their entire schedules just to get to class on time.

“I used to get here at 9 o’clock in the morning, that’s when the nightmare begins,” said Josh Moore, a 21-year-old business major. “I used to park next to the admissions building, but now I park next to the tennis courts and have to walk around. It’s annoying.”

Josh Williams, a 24-year-old aerospace engineering major, was one of the students unfortunate enough to have received a parking ticket from the Campus Police, and he wasn’t happy about it.

“There’s no way I should pay $60 for a parking ticket. I go to Saddleback College, I obviously don’t make that much money,” Williams said. “People didn’t have to park on the curbs before, but now they have to.There’s just not enough parking here for everyone.”

Clearly disgruntled with his $60 parking ticket, Williams suggested a fix for the parking problem.

“They should definitely build an extra parking structure. Build something like the structure at the mall.”

Will Saddleback build a parking structure similar to the one that belongs to the Mission Viejo Mall? Not likely. It looks like students will have to be patient for approximately the next two years.