Local OC Restaurants Shut Down by Health Inspectors

This week we had several local shut downs due to many different, and gross, reasons.

Freedom Village Kitchen, El Toro Road. Photo credit: freedomvillageusa.com

All restaurants have issues, heres the ones that were too dirty to continue to stay open.

Gong’s Chinese Food, 6815 Warner Ave., Huntington Beach. Closed November 8th due to cockroach infestation.

Sakuraya Sushi, 7522 E. Chapman Ave., Orange. Closed and reopened November 8th due to sewage overflow.

Chronic Tacos, 7520 E. Chapman Ave., Suite A, Orange. Closed and reopened due to sewage overflow on November 6th.

Humbowl Juice Bar, 7626 E. Chapman Blvd., Suite A, Orange. Closed and reopened November 6th due to sewage overflow.

(Seems to be an issue along that road with the pipes, two other resturants Tru Bru Organic Coffee, Fish House, shared the same fate that week)

Taqueria Las Alondras, 24324 Muirlands Blvd., Lake Forest. Closed November 5, reopened November 6th after rodent infestation.

Kitchen at Freedom Village, 23442 El Toro Road, Lake Forest. Closed November 5th due to rodent infestation.

Next time you go out to eat, be sure to check their health ratings and report any health violations to your local inspector.

All reports found on OCregister.com, courtesy of story by  Ian wheeler, iwheeler@scng.com

Orange County restaurants shut down by health inspectors (Nov. 1-8)