Local news publication OC Weekly collapses after decades

The local newspaper serving the greater Orange County area for 24 years collapsed on Wednesday

Photo: Soho T. / Yelp

After 24 years of publication, OC Weekly has announced its ending.

The official Twitter account for the publication announced that OC Weekly would be shutting down, per decision of its owner, the Duncan McIntosh Company.

“Adios Motherf—ers!” the tweet reads, with an attachment of a meme. It also confirms that the entire staff has been laid off, the day before Thanksgiving.

Users on Twitter replied to the tweet, expressing their disappointment.

“Omg, this sucks!” user Jen Macy, @JenniferflowerMacy said. “@OCWeekly has been an alternative to the standard OC narrative for decades. I hope to see the writers find a new outlet and hopefully will be able to use the #OCweekly to let us know where to find them.”

Another user shared similar concerns.” OC is always an afterthought. A page in the LA newspaper. A mention on LA newscasts,” user Jared Cohen, @jared_cohen said. “I didn’t always care what OC Weekly had to say, but I was always happy they were there to say it. 3,000,000 people just lost the best local journalism we had left.”

The decision to suspend publication was abrupt and unexpected, with no justification given by the Duncan McIntosh Company.