Library provides informative video FAQs via YouTube

Library staff member April Cunningham demonstrates the new YouTube channel for students (Matt Garvey)

Kylie Corbett

Saddleback College’s Library now has a YouTube channel that allows students to find all the library videos located in one convenient place.

“It was a suggestion of Dr. Bob Bramuchi [Vice Chancellor of Technology and Learning services] and the librarians agreed this was a great idea,” said Distance Learning Librarian and creator of the channel Elizabeth Horan.

Each video contains answers to everyday questions that several staff members of the library are asked.

“Not only can students find videos the Saddleback Library has created, but YouTube links to other related videos that will also help them,” Horan said.

Horan believes that most students are not aware of the resources that the Library has to offer.

“I hope the SaddlebackLIBRARY YouTube channel will introduce students to these resources and show them how to use them,” Horan said.


By students taking advantage of this channel, Horan anticipates to see students wasting less of their time searching Google for their assignments.

“I love Google and use it all the time, but not for assignments. The Library has so many resources available to students (for free) that will save them so much time when it comes to finding what they need for their classes,” she said.

The channel was created on Sept. 16, 2010, and will continue to have new videos posted.

“I have a long list of videos I am in the process of making,” Horan said. “My goal is to have a place students can go for answers when the library is closed, or whenever they need them.”

In the near future, Horan wants to see the channel develop more, as well as to expand the content for students.

“I look at the SaddlebackLIBRARY YouTube channel as a work in progress. I will always be working to make it better and more useful for the students,” Horan said.

This channel on YouTube adds a unique spin to Saddleback’s campus.

“There are a lot of universities that have YouTube channels, but not very many community colleges,” Horan said.

Further suggestions or comments regarding the channel can be e-mailed to [email protected].

“At this time I am mainly getting feedback from faculty and a few comments on the YouTube page, but I would love feedback,” Horan said.

To check out the page on YouTube, go to