Leaked video of unmasked couple harassing a local frozen yogurt shop

Mariana Tabla standing behind the counter at Frapys yogurt. Katarina De Almeida/Lariat

A video went viral over a week ago of an unmasked couple heckling the manager, Mariana Tabla, of Frapys Yogurt in Mission Viejo. The couple seen in the video below, refused to wear their face masks while arguing with Tabla.

Co-owner Luis Auza released a statement in a private group on Facebook discussing the store’s mask policy and how to contact him directly:

“We are not intimidated. We are not frightened. Not even close. Putting ‘legal notice’ and ‘notice to business’ and ‘it’s unlawful’ on a piece of paper doesn’t make it legally binding. Trying to force Mariana to sign anything, without her legal counsel present is wrong, especially since she is acting as part of our corporation, not simply as an individual.
Furthermore, she is not the legal Agent of Service (readily available in public records), rather it’s me. If you would like to bring more ‘legal notices’, or other documents I will be personally delighted to receive them.
I demand you two (or your agents) stop coming to our place of business. We are happy people and don’t like to do this often, but you two are banned.”

Auza spoke with his attorney regarding the legal notice that the maskless couple forced on Tabla during the confrontation.

“We have received threats of a lawsuit but there’s currently nothing filed with the court,” Auza said during a phone call with me. “We are thankful for the support from the community.”

Fake legal notice drafted by the couple. Luis Auza/co-owner at Frapys yogurt

Auza also mentioned that other local businesses were harassed, but they were not forced to sign any documents by the couple. Frapys Yogurt does “not support shaming of any kind” according to Auza. They have been serving residents for more than a decade and hope to continue serving their community with yummy froyo.