Jacksonville continues to mourn


Robertson with his young family (Instagram @lottieblix)

A gunman in Jacksonville, Florida killed two and injured 11, before turning the gun onto himself at a Madden 19 gaming tournament. David Katz, 24, AKA “Bread” in the gaming world, drove the long distance from Baltimore, Maryland to attend the Madden tournament. 

According to the Jacksonville Sherrif’s Office, there is no real clear motive. Although, investigators announced the shooting was premeditated as assault rifles were discovered in Katz’s car. Predictions of Katz’s defeat early on in the tournament may have been his pushing edge. 

RAW Jacksonville shooting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VzfK-ir1Zt8

Before he turned the gun to himself, Katz had taken two lives. Taylor Robertson AKA “SPOTMEPLZZZ,” a 27-year-old father from Ballard, West Virginia. And Eli Clayton AKA “TrueBoy,” a 22-year-old college student from Woodland Hills, California. 

As investigations are still underway, many of the injured gamers have filed a negligent security lawsuit against EA gaming company. Believing the lack of security at the pizza parlour was a component of the shooting. As in Florida’s previous years mass shootings have occurred were many innocent people congregate. (I.e. Pulse, a gay nightclub, and Stoneman Douglas High School shooting.)

In response to the lawsuit, EA has cancelled the rest of the Madden 19 tournaments as they try to establish better security protocols for future competitions.