IVC’s online book exchange is best-kept secret

Kimiya Enshaian

Irvine Valley College’s book exchange system aims to attract their students who seek to buy, sell and exchange used books.

The program began early 2007 after the vice president of Associated Students of Irvine Valley College saw how helpful this system was to the students attending Arizona State University and decided to implement this system at IVC, said Director of Student Affairs Helen Locke.

Some of IVC’s students are aware of this program, but since this program is student-run without much exposure on campus besides fliers, a web link and an occasional posting on their college marquee, many students are still in the dark about this.

The program is available every semester for only IVC students since this online market only opens up to those who have an IVC student ID number.

“This online market provides students with access to 400 books on average,” Locke said. “These used books are coming directly from the students themselves so they determine the increase or decrease in inventory.”

For buyers, the price for books varies depending on the book itself, and for sellers, the profit earned depends on if their book will be used the next semester by an instructor. If so, that means more money for them.

Students purchasing, or traders who are exchanging books with other sellers, can rest assure that they will pay less here than if they were to buy new books in the bookstore.

Locke said that since there are no specific school regulations set in place on the book exchange, sellers and buyers are expected to do business in a mature, honest, and friendly manner to prevent any problems from arising.

Since this system is only between the students, transaction details will only be addressed between those two people. Details such as prices, shipping, quality, and any other information will vary between every transaction.

Locke also said that through the years that the program has been active she has yet to receive a complaint.