IVC’s MUN raises funds

(Shannelle Sanchez)

Shannelle Sanchez

Irvine Valley College’s Model United Nations team presented four controversial topics during the Global Policy Forum late evening on Feb. 28.

The Global Policy Forum was held at IVC’s BSTIC building.

Tickets for this event cost $5 and all proceeds went towards the MUN fund as well as the money donated from the bake sale that was hosted before the event.

“They did an amazing job; they addressed some topics that were kind of controversial, but they really just kind of did it in an open minded way,” said Patricia Bylsma, 22, environmental science major.

The MUN fundraiser night started off with instructor Cale Crammer, the IVC MUN club advisor, introducing the guests to the topics that will be discussed and presented by the MUN’s following members, Max Simon (education), David Sadakane (religion), Jibran Samla (medicine), and Eric Hanson (cyber warfare).

One of the many controversial topics discussed was religion. David Sadakane, asked guest to think of where we would be in this world without religion.

Religion and God played a big part in society and it requires an individual to accept a specific set of moralities and laws, according to Sadakane.

“Religion is one of the few concepts that has followed humanity closely throughout its existence,” stated Sadakane, 18, IVC MUN member.

According to Simon’s research, education does not promise graduates a career.

Students going to a college or university need to know how important it is to do things that are going to set you apart from the rest of the world.

“Out of the 3 highest paying jobs in the United States, only one needed a degree (informational technicians),” said Simon, 20, IVC MUN team member.

Jibran Samla, presented his speech on today’s modern medicine and the effect it has on Americans.

In today’s modern medicine, negative practices have become standard and because of that we “handed ourselves over to doctors and medication,” stated Samla, 19, IVC MUN team member.

Cyber warfare is the next threat to national security according to Eric Hanson. “Wars use to be conducted with swords, then firearms, and eventually nuclear weapons but today the weapons consists of hackers, bots, and for those of you computer savvy people denial of service attacks,” stated Hanson, 26, IVC MUN team member.

Cyber space has made today’s world vulnerable to a new kind of attack.

At the end of the presentation the MUN team answered questions from the audience members. Students were definitely entertained with IVC’s MUN’s global policy forum.

“I thought they addressed the questions very professionally, and the questions that are more on the questionable side or could possibly offend people they addressed in very professional way as to not offend anyone. I thought they did a great job. I was entertained and I’m glad I came,” stated Gabriel Masri, 21, computer science major.

IVC’s MUN tam will be traveling to New York the second week of March to compete with other MUN teams across the nation.

If you are interested in joining IVC’s MUN club please contact Professor Cramer.

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Flyer (Shannelle Sanchez)

Professor Crammer giving an introduction (Shannelle Sanchez)

Eric Hanson presenting cyber warfare (Shannelle Sanchez)