IVC TAG workshop informs students on UC transfer process

Adrianna Mendoza

It’s that time of year again: transfer season. Irvine Valley College held its first UC TAG workshop Tuesday Sept. 11 from 2:00-3:00 p.m.

The workshop covered all the possible questions one could have about the TAG process and application. The UC TAG is the University of California Transfer Admission Guarantee.

Michelle Scharf, a counselor at IVC, held the workshop. According to Scharf, having an academic plan in place before beginning your time at IVC or Saddleback is key to successfully TAG a UC school.

“When applying for TAG, it’s important in the first semester to sit down and make and academic plan,” Scharf said.

This advice is exceptionally important, as Michelle details that about one-third of her workshop students come to them only to find out that they do not meet the criteria needed to be able to TAG one of the seven UC schools — Davis, Santa Barbara, San Diego, Merced, Irvine, Riverside, and Santa Cruz.

One particular student, who wished to remain unidentified, expressed her disappointment after learning that she did not meet the requirements needed to TAG her school of choice, UC Irvine. “I haven’t taken my English writing requirements yet,” said the 20-year-old IVC sophomore student.

When asked if she regretted not looking thoroughly through the requirements to TAG beforehand, she replied with a solemn, “yes.”

The TAG workshops, and any other transfer workshops for that matter, are of great importance as they can give you the information needed to succeed. They pose a great lesson, being that if students do not gather the appropriate information they need to transfer, they could very well stay a dreaded third year.